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Homeroom: Office F
Phone: (907) 428-1311

Email: victory_tina@asdk12.org

Welcome to Ursa Minor Elementary. This is my fifth year at Ursa Minor and I look forward to meeting all the students and parents.

The Social and Emotional Learning standards(SEL) that we work to achieve assisting students is becoming Knowledgeable, Capable, Caring and Responsible. 

The four areas are listed below:

Self-Awareness: Knowing what we are feeling in the moment: having a realistic assessment of our own abilities and a well-grounded sense of self-confidence.

Self-Management: Handling our emotions so they facilitate rather than interfere with the task at hand; being conscientious and delaying gratification to pursue goals; persevering in the face of setbacks and frustrations.

Social Awareness: Understanding what others are feeling; being able to take their perspective; appreciating and interacting positively with diverse groups.

Social Management: Handling emotions in relationships effectively; establishing and maintaining healthy and rewarding relationships based on cooperation, resistance to inappropriate social pressure, negotiating solutions to conflict, and seeking help when needed.

Students may see the counselor to discuss issues that are important to them, be in a discussion group, take a break, be in small groups such as friendship, anger management, deployment, girls group, boys group, etc. Student may also see the counselor during a crisis.

Students will be learning about Kelso's Choices. Students will learn to solve small problems by using Kelso's Choices. Students will also become aware that when they have a big problem they need to get help from an adult.

Parents are always welcome to contact me for questions and resource information. As a parent you are the first and most important teacher to your child and you know your child best.

Some of the materials I use during guidance lessons along with Kelso's Choices are Conscious Discipline, Resolving Conflict Creatively Program, Character Education and the Anti-Bully Curriculum.

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to call or come and visit with me.